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Play video to hear what other GPs say about SMAs

Play video to hear what other GPs say about SMAs

The Problem

The pandemic has brought with it much change in the way we do things but it hasn’t changed the pre-existing challenges that you had been facing BC (before COVID). You know that in your community over 60% of adults are overweight and approximately 30% are obese. You know that an increased body mass is an increasingly related or direct reason your patients’ come to see you in practice and that it is a significant risk factor for the SARS 2 virus.

It is common to find that Medical Doctors, other clinicians and their patients feel powerless in making a significant impact on unhealthy, excess body fat and the related metabolic and mental health issues 1.

The current system of one on one, time limited appointments (Virtual and or face to face) makes it financially and professionally difficult to engage and motivate your patients to even simple lifestyle changes that you know will help manage weight and improve their health.Call 0428 288 526 or email us now to find out more.

The Strategy

Programmed Shared Medical Appointments in Weight Management (PSMA:WM) are a practice revolution.

PSMA:WM allows you to consult in your own practice virtually (as telehealth) or face to face in person, with 8-12 patients sequentially, over an extended period of time and also deliver a facilitated, 6 session lifestyle program (developed by recognisable experts and endorsed by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine ASLM) that is aimed at improving health and managing weight.

PSMA:WM offer patients peer support, extended time with you and your team as well as improved health and weight self-management outcomes 2.

PSMA:WM offer you a novel way to practise that, is not only very satisfying professionally, but also improves outcomes and efficiencies. (PSMAs can be financially self-sustaining.)

PSMA in Weight Management is a turn-key package. We (LMP) supply staff training (with online or face to face options), the license and resources kit to run the facilitated patient program in your practice.

‘Programmed Shared Medical Appointments in weight management are effective, efficient and fun.’ (Dr Brett Tomson’ G.P. and owner of Milton Medical Centre NSW)

’I think the comradery and support from other’s in the same boat is invaluable. They all light up seeing each other and exchanging their experiences. Even on Zoom (Zoom is quicker, easier to keep on topic’ Dr Cheryl Wilson. G.P. South Australia)

Call 0428 288 526 or email us now to find out more.

The Evidence

Shared Medical Appointments are well documented in the literature for improving outcomes and efficiencies especially in lifestyle related illness 3,4.

Program Shared Medical Appointments (pSMA) delivered virtually or face to face in person however, go even further and provide a sequence of SMAs in a semi-structured form providing discrete educational input relating to a specific topic 5.

COORDINAIRE LOGO - South East NSW PHNWe have tested the pSMA process and weight management program as well as the accompanying resources in a recent trial in collaboration with COORDINARE (South East NSW PHN) that was published in the Australian Journal of General Practice 2 and the results are compelling.

Click image above to download article

Virtual pSMA:Weight Management

Virtual pSMAs (VpSMA) that is pSMAs undertaken on-line as Telehealth, have been tried and tested in Australia, UK and the US and be found to effective and even more convenient to run according to providers and patients.6 (

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

pSMA and VpSMA appear to provide a culturally safe and accessible procedure for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. 7

Call 0428 288 526 or email us now to find out more.

The Offer

The first 10 license packages are reduced by $1000 as a launch promotion.

Buy a license (depending on the size of your practice) – usually from $3000 (+GST). But as part of the LMP launch we are offering 10 license packages at ($2000 + GST). This includes…

  • Access to the program and online resources for your practice and patients for 2 years
  • An online whole-of-practice orientation session
  • An online training program in SMA facilitation if required
  • An online workshop and training in the VpSMA:Weight Management for GPs and Facilitators
    • (face to face orientation and training can be arranged with a customised fee) *
  • The pSMA: Weight Management Kit (Hard Copy resources). The delivery to your door of enough hard copy resources to run 1 men’s and 1 women’s group

The weight management kit includes

  • Facilitator manuals
  • Participant workbooks
  • ASLM Eating Plan for People and Planet
  • Fridge magnets: 1 for each session
  • Patient information sheets
  • Waiting room flyers
  • Screening tools
  • Evaluation questionnaires

(The full hard copy resources kit menu and price list can be provided on request)


• On going support from the pSMA team
* Training and Orientation can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs and circumstances

Refund policy

We have a refund policy that returns your license fees (less the cost of the resources kit and training) after the first session if you are not fully satisfied with the pSMA in Weight Management package.

You can act now

If you are sending overweight and obese patients home from your practice without an effective plan and if you are frustrated by current consulting constraints then you could be enjoying pSMA and VpSMA in Weight Management with your patients within the next month.

Call 0428 288 526 or email us now to find out more.

Further information

Watch the video below if you would like to see what a face to face version of a pSMA in weight management looks like and what clinicians think of this method of helping patients.


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