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DAB-Q: Diet, activity and behaviour questionnaire

What is the DAB-Q?

The Diet, Activity and Behaviour Questionnaire (DAB-Q) is a battery of 5 short on-line questionnaires to help determine the best weight loss strategies for you. There are two tests on nutrition, two on physical activity and one on eating behaviour. You’ll be asked how often you eat or drink various foods and drinks and how often you participate in certain activities. You’ll also be asked how easy you’d find it to change some of your eating habits and activities in order to achieve a healthy weight loss.

How long will it take?

Each test can be completed in 5-10 minutes. You can do each test independently (or even stop mid-way through a test and come back to it later).

How do I interpret my results?

Your answers are given a score automatically. The items with the highest scores (out of 100) represent the foods, drinks and activities that contribute most to your weight, and that you say you could most easily change. On completion, you will be given ranked orders of:

  1. Foods/drinks and eating habits you should target to eat less of
  2. Foods/drinks and eating habits you should target to eat more of
  3. Activities you should target to do more of
  4. Activities you should target to do less of

Each has a score out of a possible 100. You should concentrate most on those items with the highest score, but any items with a score greater than 20 should be targeted.

How scientifically valid are the results?

The development and application of the DAB-Q has been published and used in Australian populations, however it has not been further validated. Read more here and here.

Start the tests here:

Nutrition Test A

Nutrition Test B

Activity Test A

Activity Test B

Behaviour Test