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Welcome to the online version of the SMA workshop, including SMA Resources. This section is for people who have registered for SMA training (whether face to face or online), or who have recently completed the training and need access to the resources.

This training exists to ensure that everyone understands the SMA protocol and is able to explain and promote it to patients. It is highly recommended for anyone who is intending on being involved with SMAs to complete the training; doctors, other practitioners and staff in the practice, especially the practice manager and nurses.

Only those wanting to go on to become certified by ASLM as an SMA Facilitator (usually the Practice Nurse or other allied health practitioners) need to complete the online course, however, practitioners and other personnel not intending to become Facilitators should still familiarise themselves with the SMA protocol by reading the materials and watching the videos.

In this online workshop, you will learn how to conduct Shared Medical Appointments to become an ASLM Certified SMA Practitioner or Facilitator.